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Présences Absences
Exhibition held in 1994 at the Espace Mise au point with an installation on transparent portraits and a darkroom with a video clip of still images. Series made with a 4x5" chamber in polaroid type 55 film.

"Cities, places of passing, lines of power, vertigo of images and sounds. Bustling city, whose architecture intrinsically exudes the idea of steady space. Related to man’s commute, this representation of the city cannot be dissociated from the very movement of man. A whole ambivalent universe made of movement, illusions, identification, immanence, but also violence and repulsion... Presences absences, thought of repetition, confused identities. Where does the human dimension lie? Where does memory rest in urban space? Memory of places, memory of man, what remains of our passing in these spaces conceived by us, for us, or against us?” Anne Fave