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2007 - 2009
All these pieces, same and different. A room... which contained countless replicas of itself... I was moving in the axis of sunrise and sunset. The rooms were influenced by the weather and the times of day.
Les lettres
I store the letters I asked them to send me with the promise to leave them unopened. Secret gardens that will remain preciously looked after. Some envelopes are light, others reveal the depth of their contents. Not knowing their handwriting, their secret gardens are probably in a mess.
2008 - 2019
Today, overcast sky.

I went out again
to gaze at the clouds.
She wanted me to help her do a « state of the situation ». I really didn't know what shape to give her situation... Work of architecture of chaos. Life recovers all its rights.
Fermer les yeux
2018 - 2019
By way of focus :

« The darkest place is beneath the lamp »
Chinese proverb
Il me souvient
For Eliane, it's Algiers. The regrets of Algiers. For Francine, it is the memories of people roaming the Paris boulevards, the newspaper headlines, the chitchat from the street. Louise had a blue cat from Russia. For Louise, it’s making up for lost time. For Pierrette, it’s her father's garden. For Eva, it is "life is only beauty". For Madeleine, it is her generosity. Madeleine loves the colour blue.
Présences Absences
Series produced with a 4x5" view camera in 55-type polaroid film. Presences, absences, confused identities. Where is the human dimension, memory in urban space? Memory of places, of people, what remains of our passage through these places designed by us, for us, or against us?
La boîte
For several years I have been designing photographic devices or installations "to be lived". I experiment with the idea that photography can yield shared moments, participative micro "performances". During the artistic experiment the spirit loses all appetite for distraction... One plays with the utmost seriousness.